Anti-Aging & Wellness Enhancement

Energy Solutions for Stress Reduction, Increased Circulation and Pain Management

Take the high road and improve the quality of the rest of your life……

Expect hope to be renewed and your prayers to be answered, embrace life to live fully with enhanced vitality and harmony through life’s ups and downs…

In person or remotely, I provide gifted intuitive guidance in a safe compassionate space for re-training stress patterns that negatively affect wellness on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What to Expect?

The missing link in your health care is solving the mystery of whats bothering you.~ April Blake

During our private sessions together, you can anticipate the following results:

  • Learn to look at yourself with new eyes with greater compassion, self-acceptance, forgiveness and understanding
  • Identify the source of your imbalance and release accumulated stress blocking your present health and happiness
  • Experience deeper peace and relaxation
  • Re-train your body and brain to increase mental acuity, focus, and control
  • Increase meridian flow, circulation, vitality, resilience, stamina, and creative energy
  • Balance your lymphatic activity, endocrine system, organs, nervous systems, emotions, and brain function
  • Let go of self-defeating judgement and decrease overall stress in all areas of your life
  • Improve family and personal relationships
  • Create a life based on a new you, becoming clear on what you really value and what that looks like when you live it day to day
  • Boost deep cellular nutrition for overall wellness enhancement
  • Balance & harmonize your body and mind with frequencies, sound, light & vibration
“During troubled times it is so important to be gentle with ourselves and others. Listen more, accept more, forgive more, give more, share more, love more and find gratitude for all we have.” ~ April Blake

Please call or email April for a 20 minute complimentary discovery session.
Let’s talk about you and find out how I can best support you on your healing path.
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